Welcome to Malmö!

The third biggest city in Sweden!

The city that raised Zlatan! (… and the people who demolished his statue. More than once.)

The city probably has an equal number of places that sell falafel, as seagulls are waiting for you to leave your fika unguarded.

And it’s the city where the first EngageU was held – and now we’re here for the second time, running the third edition of EngageU!
(Ah, yes, there’s also Eurovision here this year, but that is not as important.)

Malmö’s Historical Journey

Malmö is a town with a lot of history, dating back to the 12th century as a church village and, during the 13th century, becoming a town. During that time, Malmö was part of Denmark, despite its location in southern Sweden.
It wasn’t until 1658, when the Treaty of Roskilde was signed, that Malmö became part of Sweden. (There were quite mixed feelings among the residents.)

Malmö has a history that is also rich when it comes to industry, which can still be seen in different parts of town. Even to this day, the town is home to small and medium-sized businesses in medical technology, logistics, IT, and construction and property markets.

Is there anything fun to do?

Malmö is a diverse town, so there should be something for everyone! If you plan to stay a bit extra before or after the conference, here are some examples on what to do.

Kallbadhuset – A refreshing experience!
The cold bath house by the beach on Ribersborg is something that might be a bit unusual to many people. You start off with a good “soak” in the sauna, getting the temperature up, and then you head outside and climb down the ladder into the sea. Or make the jump – it’s up to you!
Taking a cold bath has been shown to have a lot of health benefits as well!

Ribersborg beach
If you’re not too keen on taking a swim in November, the beach where the cold bath house is located is really nice on a sunny day. Take a stroll or a run alongside it and just enjoy the weather.

Möllevångstorget – culture for plenty!
Möllevångstorget, or “Möllan” as it’s called, has a lot to offer when it comes to culture and food. It is well worth a visit for grabbing a bite or visit a shop. For those who are thirsty, Malmö Brewing Co & Taproom is just a short walk away.

Malmö Castle and museums
Earlier it served as a prison, but today Malmö Castle is a museum celebrating the history of Malmö. It is also well worth a visit for those interested in sea creatures, amphibians like the Internet famous axolotl and snakes since the basement is an aquarium.
For those who tend to lean more towards the technical side of history the Technology and Maritime museum is located. Here you can browse among cars from the past or take a sneak peak inside a submarine.

Great communications!
It might be a bit strange to welcome you to Malmö by saying that it’s easy to go somewhere else, but doesn’t it sound great that within 20 minutes you could either be in the town next by or another country? There are many trains leaving for Lund (where you could visit the old cathedral) or Copenhagen every hour, which is great if you want to make a day trip during your stay.

How do I get there?

Go to Copenhagen and continue by train!

When traveling to Malmö from outside Sweden, we recommend you fly to Copenhagen Airport. Yes, it sounds a bit strange to be traveling to another country first, but trust us, this is the way.

When you arrive at Copenhagen Airport, exit in your usual way (casually, confused, excited—whatever you’re feeling) and head towards the train station – it’s just downstairs! It’s the fastest, easiset and cheapest way to get to Malmö.
You can either buy a ticket at the airport at one of the ticket machines or in the app from Skånetrafiken. Take note that you cannot buy a ticket on the train, you need to buy it before boarding the train.

Once you’re aboard the train, you can sit down and relax (depending on the time of day – you might have to stand), and in less than 30 minutes you will arrive at Malmö central station, which is about a 10-minute walk from the hotel. Neat, isn’t it?

A cool thing about the ticket is that it also grants you access to all the buses in Malmö until 04:00 the morning after! You could take a seat on Ringlinjen (bus number 3) and go around Malmö all night if you want to, orr you could take one of the purple Pågatåg to Svågertorp and browse Ikea all afternoon.

So we really recommend to take the train and ditch the taxi!

Useful links for travel

Skanetrafiken.se – Skånetrafiken runs all buses and trains in Skåne and is a good place to find information regarding tickets and rates. The webpage is mainly in Swedish, so we recommend downloading the app to your phone instead.

Oresundstag.se – An alternative to Skånetrafiken and the trains that will take you from Copenhagen Airport to Malmö and back.

Copenhagen Airport – We recommend that you aim for a flight landing in Copenhagen (Denmark) since Malmö Airport is mainly for domestic flights.

It’s really easy to find your way to the train when arriving in Copenhagen!

Conference center

Clarion Hotel Malmö Live is Malmö’s premier venue and meeting point, located right in the center of the city. With our huge convention hall and 22 different meeting rooms, there are plenty of choices when organizing your event with us.

Rising 85 meters into the sky, Clarion Hotel Malmö Live is impressive on both the outside and inside. We are handily located right next to the central station, so you’ll have no problem finding us no matter where you’re coming from. We’re just a few steps away from Lilla Torg Square where you’ll find shops, restaurants, and bars to keep you entertained during breaks in your conference schedule.

Our 1,500-seat convention hall is the largest facility of its kind in Malmö but we also have 22 meeting rooms of varying sizes so whatever your event, we can find a solution that meets your specific requirements. We’re also next door to the Malmö Live ConcerHall, and together the two venues combine to form a vibrant hub of business, entertainment, and culture in the heart of the city.

After the working day is over you can work out in the gym, enjoy a drink and something to eat in our spectacular restaurant and sky bar, or just explore the surrounding area. 

The hotel

The hotel keeps a fixed rate when you use the booking link, and they have guaranteed room capacity up to one month before the event.

85 feet above the ground rises Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmo Live, a new landmark in the city skyline. A meeting place far beyond the ordinary for both residents, visitors, and conference guests. Art, design, and music turns this hotel and congress into a lively venue with unique experiences. Most of the inspiration comes from the cultural and ethnic diversities in the city, everybody is welcome to be a part of it.