Underlying principles of Develop-Stage-Production

November 15, 2022 from 3:15 pm to 4:15 pm

Speaker: Philipp Puls

There is no excuse for “open-heart-surgery” in solution development. Developing, testing and using a file is easier than ever using FMDMT. But it also poses difficulties, that were not on our radars 5 years ago. 
Has a developer changed something in the file with the customer, that has not come back to the Dev-Version?
What has changed since the last roll-out?
Did I break it, or was it always broken and nobody noticed?
Is it safe to roll out and how long will this take?

Following the circle of life of a new version of a solution we have worked hard to get the following issues solved: 

The Life-Cycle of a file
Every Dev-File can have many Stage-Files 
Every Sage-File has exactly one Prod-file

  • How do you document, this genealogy of every Prod-File?

Version control 

  • Where to note the version so that it survives data migration? 
  • How do you automate this process?
  • How can you build your change-log from your lines of code, documenting your decisions?

Distributed development files 
In a multi-file solution one file can be in development on one server, while the others are on a different server.  

  • How do you document this?
  • How can you guarantee, to always take the newest clone for a file before you do a roll-out?

Clone Collection
Clones from different servers have different encryptions@rest.

  • How not to play the guessing game when doing a data migration?

Remote FMDMT process
Customers servers behind firewalls, headless Linux servers.

  • How do you safely transmit clones, FMDMT, Passwords, E@R’s?
  • How do you handle a broken migration, with minimal holdup?

I will present the underlying concepts and demonstrate the individual solutions to these. 

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