Design Masterclass: the rules *

November 14, 2022 from 1:45 pm to 2:45 pm

Speaker: Albert Harum-Alvarez

A global team of twelve here at SmallCo has taken the past two years to rebuild the Design Masterclass curriculum. The focus has been on “embodying” the curriculum, in other words, taking themes that can be excessively abstract and giving them a tangible flesh-and-blood form. The team is from all the world’s continents, women and men, quants, coders, designers and “normal” people too.

This has has the effect of making the Design Masterclass work for a much wider range of students:

from beginning app designers to experienced pros
from lone rangers to large teams led by a project manager
from the first version of a tool to the mature revision

This is resulting in a Masterclass which can give value to nearly anyone who is building technical tools such as apps.

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