November 14, 2022 from 1:45 pm to 2:45 pm

Speaker: Oliver Reid

This is a “Low Cognitive Load” discussion of MongoDB .

 Its purpose is to provide an informative overview of how MongoDB works,  while not diving too far into technical details. 

We will cover (mostly with live demonstrations):

  • Differences between MongoDB and SQL-type data structures
  • Data modeling concepts for MongoDB, and the handling of data relationships – including Aggregation Pipelines, Views, and Triggers
  • Mongodb’ s “BI Connector” ODBC driver,  which allows Claris Pro to view Mongdb data as a MySQL source.
  • Comparing the performance in Claris Pro for handling of typical queries and data maintenance tasks, when data is stored in:
    • Native FileMaker (Draco)  
    • ESS+ (Claris Studio-MongoDB), 
    • ESS: MySQL,  
    • Mongodb Itself (using its Data API), 
  • Setting  up a Simple MongoDB Cluster
  • Resources for further learning 

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