Integrating Claris FileMaker & Adobe Products – A match made in heaven

November 15, 2022 from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Speaker: David Wikström & Andrés López Pascual

This session will be about how to combine the power of Adobe’s creative software with Claris FileMaker’s to do data-driven workflow automation using custom business logic.
Adobe plugins and extensions allow you to offer extra functionality to products such as Photoshop and Premiere. They can be developed and customized, for instance, to exchange data and interact with Claris FileMaker solutions.
Within Adobe products, users can display and update FileMaker data, using plugins and extension panels that integrate with FileMaker Server through the Data API or OData.
We will start our presentation with a customer story from the video editing team of the Metro Vancouver Multimedia division, for whom we created a streamlined integration between an existing Claris FileMaker database and Adobe Premiere.
The session will then go into our experience of taking basic JavaScript skills initially gained in the context of web viewer to build a full set of skills, including ReactJS, to allow us to solve client problems in new and better ways, in accord with how technologies evolve.
We will go into some of the technical aspects of how we are working when creating Adobe extensions using the CEP and UXP technologies. Finally, we will show off a couple of sample solutions that illustrate the power of these integrations, and discuss how so solve even more problems in this realm.

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