Albert Harum-Alvarez

Chris Moyer

Chris Moyer was the Sales Engineer in Chicago for Claris Corporation from 1991 to 1994, and then founded The Moyer Group in 1995. Chris co-authored Claris’ FileMaker 3 training materials and then trained developer communities in multiple cities during the FileMaker 3 rollout. Chris went on to co-author three books on FileMaker, and was co-author of the Advisor Answers column in FileMaker Advisor magazine as well as a technical editor.

Chris is certified in FileMaker versions 7-19. The Moyer Group is a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum member.

Christian Schmitz

Christian started developing a FileMaker Plugin in 2006 and made himself a name with Monkeybread Software as a reliable source for enhancements to FileMaker. For the last 16 years, he helped thousands of developers to improve their FileMaker projects and deliver better solutions to clients.

Christos Savva

Christos is a Senior FileMaker Developer at Beezwax. He was originally self-taught in software development and now certified in all versions of FileMaker from version 12 through 18, as well as an AWS Certified Developer. He is also enthusiastic about learning other web and mobile technologies in order to integrate them with FileMaker and to better serve customers as well as users.

Mathematically inclined, Christos studied for a Maths degree at the University of Bath in the UK. Later on, he went for a more practical course and obtained a master’s degree in Accounting and Finance from the same institution. He started his career by working at Deloitte for five years where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant. There he initially worked as an external auditor servicing both local and international clients, mainly in the financial services sector. Subsequently, he switched to the Enterprise Risk Services department where he performed internal audit, compliance and business process re-engineering engagements. Currently, he is also studying for a Masters in Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Cristina Álvarez

Cristina landed at FileMaker 24 years ago in her search for business solutions in the different companies where she worked in the operations area. She has been dedicated exclusively to the development for Bitwok in Spain for 10 years. An active member of Women Innovating Together and passionate about dogs, cooking and rock ‘n’ roll.

Claus Lavendt

Claus is the senior developer and founder of DataManix and has been a FileMaker developer since 1994. Through the years he has developed all types and sizes of systems, as well as integrated with a wide range of different systems and hardware. He has developed solutions for companies in all sizes, from small businesses to international enterprises with more than 120,000 employees. He also holds a degree in commercial photography.

Claus has hosted several sessions at developer conferences around the world, including FileMaker DevCon in the United States, regional DevCons as well as many seminars, dotFMP, training sessions and workshops.

Fact style

  • Filemaker developer since 1994
  • Certified Filemaker developer
  • Senior developer at DataManix
  • Has developed all types and sizes of systems, as well as integrated with a wide range of different systems and hardware
  • Developed solutions for companies from one-man businesses to international enterprises with 120.000+ employees
  • Holds a degree in commercial photo
  • Hosted sessions at several FileMaker DevCon USA, regional DevCons in Europe and Canada, dotFMP as well as several seminars and workshops
  • Has authored guides and tools for the FileMaker community
  • At the forefront of integrating FileMaker with hardware and different systems
  • Based in Denmark, Europe

David Wikström

David Wikström is the founder of CamelCase data, a company that helps businesses with digital innovation using Claris FileMaker as the core tool.
Currently based in Germany, CamelCase data works with clients in multiple countries and languages, providing custom solutions for a number of industries, including the film industry, video editing and publishing.
Certified Claris FileMaker developer. Loves strong coffee, strange music and xml.

Heidi Porter

Heidi Porter is a technical professional with 35 years of experience in networking, data analytics, and on-premise and cloud deployment at large companies such as IBM and SAS Institute. She holds a BS in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science and an MA in Linguistics. She is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate, FileMaker Certified Developer 12 13, 15, 16, and 17, and a SAS Certified Programmer. She has worked with FileMaker and been a partner at The Moyer Group since 2010.

Javier Durá

I enjoy using my knowledge and experience by helping other developers learn the platform. With a formal education in journalism, I have written several FileMaker articles and have spoken at numerous FileMaker user groups and events across Europe.

John Renfrew

John has been working with databases for all of his business life, initially to manage people, equipment, logistics and event planning. For the last 14 years he has worked extensively with FileMaker to solve problems for a wide range of small business customers, and has a product to submit VAT returns in the UK and specialist skills in Higher Education statistical reporting.

Joris Aarts

Joris has over 20 years of experience in IT, both as a trainer and a developer, despite having a degree in Ancient History. His first database was a FileMaker 2.1 collection of Greek papyrus fragments from the Ptolemaic era. He began his IT career as a software instructor in 1996, teaching FileMaker 3.0 and other technologies. “Working as a trainer has taught me the importance of the human factor in IT project success.” In 2005, he co-founded ClickWorks with his brother Jeroen. He frequently speaks at FileMaker conferences, including DevCon. Joris is a FileMaker 7 to 19 certified developer. In addition to computing, he enjoys sailing and playing the guitar.

Oliver Reid

Oliver was educated (allegedly) at Cambridge University, the University of Chicago, and Yale University. He has worked in Management Consulting and Banking, focusing on business planning, financial management, MIS, and office workflow optimization.
He also taught school mathematics for 11 years.
He has worked with FileMaker for quite a while, starting with version 2.0
He is an avid football enthusiast, tending to support teams he hopes will win: like Liverpool and Manchester United. He also dabbles in high-end audio.

Philipp A. Puls

Managing partner and co-owner of 72solutions GmbH
1992 – First commercial FileMaker solution
1999 – Event-Sponsoring, Marketing & PR
2002 – Founder of the RA∂IX Group GmbH
2003 – University of Vienna, graduation in theoretical physics
2011 – Sold all RA∂IX Group shares
2012 – Member of the Stefan Pusch Unternehmensberatungs KG (base72) management team
2013ƒƒ – Co-owner of 72solutions GmbH – FileMaker/Claris Platinum Partner
2015ƒƒ – Certified Developer in successive Versions since Version 13
– Annual presentations @ dot[x]fmp Berlin and FMK

Vincenzo Menanno

Over 25 years of full-time experience as a master consultant, as well as a dedicated creator of products for the Claris developer community, Vince is widely considered one of the leading FileMaker developers in the world. He’s been a featured speaker at industry events such as Claris Engage (formerly FileMaker DevCon), FM Conférence, CQDF, and many Claris Developer Meetups. Vince is the author of InspectorPro, a leading development tool that provides in-depth solution analysis and advanced data visualizations.